Software Engineering

Agile Methodology

We collaborate with the product owner to break the work into short 2-3 week sprints and group those sprints into formal releases of major milestones in functionality. This allows us to adapt to shifting priorities quickly without impacting the development team’s velocity. We work with product owners to turn requirements into a backlog of user stories and refine the backlog at regular intervals to maintain schedule. We utilize collaboration suites such as Atlassian (Jira) and GitLab to track and document and collaborate efforts with customers thus providing the highest possible product quality.



Enterprise Development

Our engineers have exceptional knowledge and experience in tackling large enterprise efforts utilizing the right tools and technologies to meet even the most complex designs and usages. They have had notable success using Java, Spring, Angular, and SQL to deliver scalable enterprise applications consisting of web services for usability, API endpoints for extensibility, databases for performant persistence, and orchestration layers to integrate other tools and components. We deliver sustainable and well-documented solutions that streamline future development efforts through an adherence to structured design patterns, strict coding standards, and detailed information-science architectures.



Mobile Development

In the rapidly evolving mobile application space, our team accurately assesses technology needs to deploy a solution that meets mobile needs. Our engineers have developed apps using frameworks like Ionic and Xamarin to allow for iOS and Android native apps as well as a robust mobile web experience. They have been recognized for their use of Swift in delivering a feature-rich native iOS app with encrypted peer to peer networking.



DevOps Principles

Our team is focused on making technology work - we Operationalize Technology. We have strong foundations in the DevOps principles of continuous integration and continuous deployment via build automation tools like Ansible and Jenkins. In addition, we focus on code quality via coding standards, code reviews, gated commits, and unit and integration testing. Do it right the first time, and you won’t have to do it again.



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