Reston Assessment Group

The Reston Group brings more than 200 years of combined federal and corporate experience specializing in producing technology-based risk assessments of targeting of strategic U.S. defense and corporate assets. Operating in a discovery-versus-search environment, the Reston Assessment Group provides expertise to: 

  • Identify program and/or technical assets that would be at greatest risk to competitive domestic or foreign targeting
  • Determine potential risks associated with corporate acquisitions, establishing joint ventures, and  developing  foreign offsets
  • Assess the years-ahead or years-behind as well as rates of closure from foreign and domestic competition
  • Address foreign ownership, control, or influence issues when dealing with domestic business relationships where domestic development efforts could be compromised

Corporate Acquisition/Offset Assessments

Foreign and domestic business transaction risks:

  • Assess the capability of potential international partners with U.S. and foreign based companies planning acquisitions, mergers, and related business arrangements
  • Assess the risks involved for U.S. and overseas companies seeking such releationships

Competitive Risks

  • Assess years-ahead/behind of technologies and competition closure rates
  • Determine corporate ownership, control, and influence (FOCI)
  • Identify key productions and research personnel, their associates, and their expertise


Military and Corporate Technology Security

Technology Targeting Risk Assessments

  • Identify porgram and/or technical assets at greater risk to competitive U.S. or foriegn targeting
  • Assess the years-ahead/behind and rates of closure from foreign and U.S. competition
  • Identify the technology requirements of specific countries to help assess the risks of technology targeting
  • Assess the risks of conductiong business within specific countries
  • Assess strengths/weaknesses of current protection initiatives
Conceptual Informational Technology - Information Engineering

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