Information & Decision Engineering

Make decisions faster by utilizing the information and decision engineering services from CommIT Enterprises Inc. The collection, discovery, analysis, and representation of your organization's information provides the basis for the external information discovery to produce the critical market situational awareness and strategic shared understanding for decision making to keep you enterprise on top.

Information Engineering

Information Engineering is the foundational building block of your enterprise. We collect, cleanse, and curate data to provide comprehensive knowledge of you organization through information use and reuse of your enterprise's large, complex, structured and unstructured data to alert and answering unknown questions. This discovery of the unknown increases your depth of knowledge, strengthens decision-making and puts you in the lead.


Decision Engineering

Decision engineering brings together organizational processes and objectives for rapid and actionable decision support capabilities. Our decision engineering of Command and Control systems ensures information from across the enterprise is usable when and where needed.  Enterprise information, processes, and objectives come together in a timely manner to keep you out in front of the environment and the competition.


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